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02 outubro 2005


because "revolution" implies going around in circles

nOde last updated October 10th, 2004 and is permanently morphing... (13 Cimi / 9 Yax (Green) - 26/260 -

evolution (èv´e-l¡´shen, ê´ve-) noun 1. A gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. 2. a. The
process of developing. b. Gradual development. 3. Biology. a. The theory that groups of organisms change with passage of time, mainly as a result of natural selection, so that descendants differ morphologically and physiologically from their ancestors. b. The historical development of a related group of organisms; phylogeny. 4. A movement that is part of a set of ordered movements. 5. Mathematics.

The extraction of a root of a quantity. [Latin êvolútio, êvolútion-, from êvolútus, past participle of êvolvere, to unroll.] - ev´olu´tional or ev´olu´tionar´y (-she-nèr´ê) adjective - ev´olu´tionar´ily adverb

evolution (èv´e-l¡´shen), the process in which the genetic makeup of a population changes over a long period of time by such means as mutation, the results being the emergence of distinctive characteristics and new species. This process, also known as descent with modification, constitutes organic evolution.

Inorganic evolution deals with the development of the physical universe from unorganized matter.

Organic evolution conceives of life as having begun as a simple, primordial protoplasmic mass from which arose, through time, all subsequent living forms.

The first clearly stated theory of evolution, that proposed by Jean LAMARCK in 1801, included the inheritance of ACQUIRED CHARACTERISTICS as the operative
force in evolution. Subsequently (1858), Alfred Russel WALLACE and Charles DARWIN independently set forth a scientifically credible theory of evolution based on NATURAL SELECTION, focusing on the survival and reproduction of those species best adapted to the environment. This theory had a profound effect on scientific thought and experimentation. Although it has undergone modification in light of later scientific developments, the theory of evolution still rests on essentially the same grounds emphasized by Darwin, supported now by research in GENETICS as well as by comparative anatomy, embryology, geography, paleontology, and biochemistry. It has been challenged by those believing in the creation theory of the universe.

Man has lost the basic skill of the ape, the ability to scratch its back. Which gave it extraordinary independence, and the liberty to associate for reasons other than the need for mutual back-scratching.
Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929), French semiologist. Cool Memories, ch. 5 (1987; tr. 1990).

We live between two worlds; we soar in the atmosphere; we creep upon the soil; we have the aspirations of creators and the propensities of quadrupeds. There can be but one explanation of this fact. We are passing from the animal into a higher form, and the drama of this planet is in its second act. W. Winwood Reade (1838-75), English traveler, author. The Martyrdom of Man, ch. 3, "Materials of Human History" (1872).

The historic ascent of humanity, taken as a whole, may be summarized as a succession of victories of consciousness over blind forces-in nature, in society, in man himself. Leon Trotsky (1879-1940), Russian revolutionary. The History of the Russian Revolution, vol. 3, "Conclusions" (1933).

Biologically the species is the accumulation of the experiments of all its successful individuals since the beginning.
H. G. Wells (1866-1946), British author. A Modern Utopia, ch. 3, sct. 4 (1905; repr. in The Works of H. G. Wells, vol. 9, 1925).

We are the products of editing, rather than of authorship. George Wald (b. 1906), U.S. biochemist. "The Origin of Optical Activity," in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 69 (1957).
The tactics of evolution are:
space migration, intelligence increase, life extension

The goal of evolution is:
Fusion (at higher levels of intensity, acceleration and aesthetic complexity)
Timothy Leary - _Neuropolitique_ (1988)


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